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Our chicken is a low fat, quality chicken with no preservatives. It is hygienically prepared under stringent global food processing conditions. natnudO Chicken has essential vitamins and minerals, which enhances the natural taste of Chicken and also provide extra nourishment to build, protect and revitalize your body.

Please refer to our T&C’s on our page

Most natnudO chicken products are made from Broiler birds. Broilers are soft chicken and should not be steamed for a long time

Chicken is a white meat because there is less usage in the muscle. We also drain the blood during slaughtering to prevent contamination.

We currently do not sell turkey. We sell chicken, beef, eggs and seafood products. We will notify our customers when there are new additions to our product range. Visit https://shop.natnudofoods.com/ to see the wide variety of products we presently offer and also to place your orders

Expiry varies across product ranges:
Fresh chicken (9 months)
R2E (6 months)
Beef (3 months)
Eggs (1 month)
Seafood (1 month)
We adhere strictly to FIFO practice.

In a bid to offer the various cuts of a chicken (keel, thigh, drumsticks, wings & breast) while still maintaining the stew pack size of 500g, birds weighing between 1kg -1.2kg birds are used. For every stew pack you purchase, you get HALF of a whole chicken.