Hanging Out? We've got you covered

Never worry about your night hangout or sit out with friends and families. We've got you covered with our Ready 2 Eat range as well.

Smoked Boneless chicken:  this is an excellent package like ASUN but prepared in a quality-controlled environment. It's already garnished to your taste, just microwave for 5 minutes and you are good to go. No stress. It's a free hassle to prepare. Enjoy your fun time with this.

Smoked Chicken Wings:  To complete the men's table, there has to be meat in-between the drinks. This is the best recipe for a group of friends in discussion or watching a football match. It also serves well as a food box gift package. Small chops and BBQ lovers can't resist this with its scintillating aroma and quality sweet taste.

Smoked chicken Cut-Up:  na the baba for our ready-2-eat package be this. It serves all purposes. Indoor events, outdoor sit-out, Bar, and lounge customers. You need not stress yourself with cooking. This is a well garnished and smoked meal. Just get your grill or microwave to warm for 5 minutes. You are good to go.

With our quality smoked products; your enjoyment and fun-filled time with friends and Families is assured.