We all know that we’re now in the raining days and the weather is kind of cold, and there is a need for warmth to have an energetic day and a cozy night. Why then don’t you send cold to flight with a bowl of natnudO chicken or beef pepper soup 

Remember natnudO beef and chicken comes in various specs. 

In making a pot of pepper soup for you and your family, you can choose whatever protein you want in your pot of pepper soup. Thus, there is chicken or beef pepper soup, catfish pepper soup, cow foot pepper soup, and the assorted beef. All these varieties of “protein” are available at natnudO foods outlets across Nigeria. You can check us out at www.shop.natnudOfoods.com. This recipe is a quick fix for the weather in less than 30 minutes.


•    4 tbsp. Pepper Soup Mix

•    3 tbsp. ground Crayfish

•    2 Seasoning Cubes

•    2 medium Onions

•    ½ tbsp. ground garlic

•    ½ tbsp. ground ginger

•    Palm oil/vegetable oil (optional)

•    1 tsp Salt

•    1 tbsp. ground Pepper

•    1kg natnudO Chicken/ natnudO beef (Beef Assorted, Shaki, Cow feet)

•    4 Cups of Water

•    Scent Leaves / Basil


1.    Cut natnudO chicken or natnudO beef (could be a mix of cow foot with assorted and shaki; depending on your preference into bite sizes, wash and place in a pot with minimal water, season with salt, onions, garlic, ginger, pepper soup mix, seasoning cube, and ground pepper. It is important for the ingredients to be infused into the chicken or beef.

2.    After 5 minutes add enough water to cover the chicken or beef.

3.    Cover the pot and allow to cook – the pepper soup should be ready in 10 minutes.  

4.    Add blended crayfish and leave for3 minutes.

5.    Add scent leaves/basil and allow to simmer for 2 minutes.

Pepper soup should always be served hot. It can be eaten alone with any type of drink as side dishes with Agidi (Eko), White rice, or Boiled yam.