Do you know......? We Breed, Process & Sell Premium natnudO Ranched Beef

natnudO Powell does not end in the production of chicken. we are number one in the premium ranched beef company. You can now take advantage of the availability of premium ranched beef to stock up on our soft tender quality ranched beef of natnudOfoods. We have gone a long way to dissect the bull (cow) into the 23 major parts.

Watch out for the beef package.

Steak/Stewing beef: this is best for your normal household use and party event where you like to steam the meat into your pot of soup.

Cow Skin (Ponmo): with the approval of the food licensing authority, this ponmo contains the highest nutritional value against the open market burnt ponmo our beef is reared in a closed ranch system.

Neck: Neck is lean and tough, so it is usually prepared as minced or chopped meat.

It has a rich extract and a gelatinous component and is ideal for stewing. 

It is a well-exercised part and has lots of gristle (cartilage). 

Chuck Roll: Chuck roll has a moderate fat content, and we recommend that its flavor should be enjoyed in thin slices.

The long fore-quarter section extends from the shoulder to the back. 

A well-marbled and tender lean meat, with a rich and tasty flavor. 

It has some gristle, so it is ideal for cooking in thin slices. 

 T-Bone:   this contains a small fat part of the cow and the steak; it's also best for parties and suya barbeque. You are assured of the scintillating aroma and tasty value.

Minced meat: This is for the users/lovers of meat pie, sharwama, beef sausage, etc. you need not stress yourself to pound the meat into molten form; we have it ready to use for all these delicacies

 Tripe(shaki): it's best served as Pepper soup. Hang out with friends and Families. It can also be diced into your Jollof /fried rice package.

Why our products are better than the others: 




natnudO Ranched Beef quality is defined by the following:

Compositional Quality- lean to fat ratio 

Palatability Factors: Visual identification, smell/odor, firmness, juiciness, tenderness, and flavor

Nutritional Quality: our beef is a good source of protein with no added chemicals, it is well marbled with healthy white. 


All our animals are humanitarianly handled.

We adhere strictly to a HALAL form of slaughtering.

Processing takes place under controlled and standard conditions.

Our products are free of chemicals.

Packaging:  Our packaging materials and design are second to none in the market.

These are some of the healthy quality products that promise value for money. We invite you to have a bite of our premium quality ranched beef products.