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Happy Customer Service Week

'Dear Valued customer, You are our Dream come True... Thank you! from the bottom of our heart..


Indulge Our natnudO Chicken Potato Delight For The Weekend!

Kindly click link; https://youtu.be/4Z7773k6cnY to watch full video on our youtube channel....


Chili and brown sugar rubbed natnudO BEEF Fillet mignon


•    4 fillet mignon (about 11/2 inches thick)


Quick natnudO Fix for the weather

We all know that we’re now in the raining days and the weather is kind of cold, and there i..


Health Benefits of natnudO Gizzard

Fun Fact:  Gizzards are one of the most nutritious parts of the chicken, de..


Delicious Local Dishes with natnudO Beef

Oha soup popularly called Ofe Oha is a delicious delicacy prepared by the Igbo people of south-ea..


How to make smoked chicken wings


Party Style Chicken And Vegetable Gravy With Boiled Eggs And Potatoes

- Place natnudO chicken in a pot & season to taste.

- Boil chicken &..


NatnudO Smoked Chicken Curry Sauce

- Thaw natnudO seasoned smoked chicken

- Heat oil

- Fry onion, indian c..